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Stories From the CrowBar: The World of Tomorrow

Fall with me into the unknown.
Let’s shatter past into smithereens.
Let’s follow our instincts into a world made of landscapes.
We’ll be the leaders of our two member flock.
We’ll build ships of paper, fly kites up high and ask ladybugs about the weather.
I’ll play the piano and you can sing.
Then you can play the violin and I’ll just listen.
Fall with me into the world of tomorrow.

Here’s the dawn and a piece of crescent moon.
Grown from a sculpture that I remembered.
Pieced together by foot prints I once saw on a beach.
Stacked so that they look like the leaning tower of Pisa.
Splashed with all kinds of color, cause I couldn’t decide on just one.

Text by Thom Corbeaux
Imagery by Bethan Smith


Posted on Sat, Apr 5th 2014
Stories From the CrowBar: Further Down the Rabbit’s Hole

Shimmering water droplets knocked against cold tram tracks. It was a nippy evening in the downtown area. No one in sight. A faint shadow lingered in the distance. A scantily dressed woman with a lusty look in her eyes was inviting drivers to stop by the parking dome carwash. She was the most beautiful cardboard cutout this town could’ve seen.

There is only one perk most hospital buildings have - the magnificent view.

Stuffed with mostly elderly people, young touchy medics and middle-aged male doctors any hospital floor presents itself as a striking contrast of unholy matrimony.

The scarcely furnished room had a somewhat ghastly atmosphere. Bearing only the very essentials: an overly swearing pessimist old timer, one missing man and a quiet youth listening to the perpetually nagging old timer.

Interesting Facts About Hospitals:
Fact No.1: You won’t find mirrors at the patients’ quarters.
Fact No.2: They can refuse to give you food due to your treatment.
Fact No.3: Ominous draft everywhere you go.
Fact No.4: Bed sheets with eerie teddy bear motives.

Text by Thom Corbeaux
Imagery by Bethan Smith

Posted on Wed, Apr 2nd 2014
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